Nail Medic for Natural Looking Nails

Are you sick of always trying to maintain your manicure? I rarely ever even get one as I just don’t have time to keep up with trendy nail treatments, so I’m loving this new idea from Nail Medic as they started with a simple goal: to bring back a natural nail look. Sweet! I always opt for a French Manicure when I do get my nails done at the salon, so the idea of just healthy looking nails really appeals to me.

Nail Medic for Natural Looking Nails

All Nail Medic’s products are cruelty free and salon tested. Available at select Walmart locations for  $7.99 each and there are 15 products in their line. We received the 3 Phase Treatment to test out which is all about improving the health of your nails through an anti-aging nail therapy.

It’s very easy to use and I love that the packaging explains exactly which product to use when for Phase 1, 2, and 3 so you can do this on your own at home.

Official Product Information about Nail Medic’s 3 Phase treatment


Nail Medic is a 3-phase anti-aging nail treatment system. Phase 1 cleanses nails and cuticles. Phase 2 repairs and fortifies. Phase 3 primes and protects. Select the product from each phase that best meets your needs. Developed in-house at our New York headquarters, Nail Medic combines natural, simple, relatable ingredients (Cranberry extract, Shea butter, Argan oil, White Tea extract, Bamboo extract, etc) with cutting edge technology. The result is a line of extensive, targeted treatment products with exceptional power. Specifically designed penetration enhancers help improve circulation which in turn promotes faster, more healthy nail growth. 


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