Super Cute Book Naptime with Theo & Beau Available Now! #theoandbeau

On sale today! Must have Valentine’s Day gift for kiddies and pet lovers. Check out Naptime with Theo and Beau! I love seeing exciting things happen to good people. My adorable blogging friend Jessica Shyba received national fame last year when her charming photos of her napping son Beau and their new puppy Theo went viral. All her fabulous photos have been compiled into a sweet book that makes a very cute Valentine’s Day gift or coffee table book.

You’ll love follow Jessica @MommasGoneCity on Instagram too so you can see her stunning photography of her super cute family and their doggy Beau who is now all grown up.  Theo was adopted from the Santa Cruz SPCA and certainly made quite an impact on their life! Love this fairy tale story. 

You can order a hardcover copy of Naptime with Theo and Beau from Amazon here for only $11. 

Naptime with Theo & Beau

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