Never underestimate the Joy of a Summer Baby Pool!

Kids – and babies – love water. So it’s not secret that Baby Pools rock for the entire family every summer. We may not have a pool in our back yard, but we’ve always had a fantastic time splashing around with even the tiniest of Baby Pools. This summer, we shared our baby pool joy with my sweet niece Luna.

As you can tell, her cousins showed Luna that bringing a baby pool to the beach is also a genius idea and one of our trademark secrets to success at the beach with kids. A little baby pool lets them splish splash, wash the sand off their body, and keep cool on the hottest of days when the ocean is just not practical for a tot too!

Baby Pools & Inflatable Backyard Pools at Walmart

We bought the above baby pool at Walmart for under $10. Here’s one tiny baby pool just like it for only $5 this week!

Right now, if you like a BIG sized inflatable backyard pool Walmart has some fantastic ones on deal like this giant inflatable Octoganal Family pool for only $39.98

Other fun Walmart summer pool finds are these Minion Towels priced at only $9.97! How cute are these???


Baby Pool Memories with my Little Cuties

At an early age you can tell Kenzie and Kyle were in LOVE with their backyard pools we found at Walmart years ago too. I love looking at these photos. So many wonderful memories!!!!

Trust me – never underestimate the magic and fun your kidlets will have with a backyard pool – no matter the size!


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