New American Girl BeForever Books Dolls and Outfits

Awesome! We previewed American Girl’s new BeForever line that enhances the existing historical line. It is fabulous. Launching tomorrow, on August 28th, New American Girl BeForever Books Dolls and Outfits will be available. Read on for our video and photos for the scoop on everything we know about this new line from American Girl. 

New American Girl BeForever Books Dolls and Outfits

American Girl is enhancing their historical doll line with 8 BeForever characters. For each historical character, American Girl will offer new historically accurate doll outfits, accessories, and a brand new “My Journey” title. The “My Journey” books are told through the lens of a modern girl who travels back in time to have her own adventures with the American Girl characters during their historical time. Each of these stories are also what I like to think of as “Choose Your Own Adventure” as each story has multiple endings. Very cool and super engaging for our young girls.

Kenzie read, “The Roar of the Falls: My Journey with Kaya” and she was captivated. Imagine finding yourself in Kay’s homeland in 1764 and sleeping in a teepee and living in a Native American village. I think this new “Be Forever” Journey book line makes the historical characters and their triumphs and struggles much more accessible for our modern girls today.

Eight BeForever American Girl Characters Available

With the launch of this new line, Samantha Parkington, the once retired American Girl’s popular Victorian-era character, will return to the historical line up.








New Photos of the American Girl BeForever Dolls





Note: Thanks to American Girl for sharing their press kit and an advanced copy of the Kaya Journey title with us to facilitate our feature. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. We live in SF, my daughter is a bit young, but I bought the classical Julie for $50 more on eBay than this cheesey Beforever Julie. She wants Julie, but too young. I compared the two versions and the Beforever doll is not as well made as the classical. The materials seem inferior. I decided to snag a classical version before the prices go up! I want an heirloom! I’m wondering what’s going on with the Beforever cheapness? In addition, the paperback books are also inferior to the hard-covered ones! I also purchased a $32 cloth bodied mini and hard covered book as opposed to the $24 plastic body and paperback with the beforever mini julie! Whoever is director of marketing and CEO of AG need to really review the quality of their new dolls. The only new doll I preferred was Rebecca.

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