New Bedding & the Decorating Bug

I’ve got the decorating bug in a big way. We’ve lived in our house for 7 years. After the initial decorating in those first few years, I’ve been all about the kids and growing my business. With my book almost done ( 2 more weeks!!!!!) I’m feeling a major nesting instinct. Just bought this new bedding at Target for $89.95 for myself for my birthday (Parents gave me a $100 check!) .  What do you think? And come December 1st I’m getting the entire house painted – but deciding a color is impossible! Decisions decisions decisions. What home decor trends and colors are you loving right now? I’d love ideas!

4 thoughts on “New Bedding & the Decorating Bug”

  1. I love it! Our hall bathroom was painted a pale yellow for several years (we have old 1960s baby blue accent tile…lovely) but about a year ago I painted the walls a very very pale ice blue and then accented with black and white and silver. I love all the taupes and blues out. Our house really needs to be repainted. It’s funny how you getin the nesting mode when you buy your home and are pregnant and then you can go several years without changing anything up!

  2. When we had our house painted, my dad and rebecca (or the decorator)was all about accent walls. So we have one wall deep red and the others more neutral. One thing I really like in our Maryland house is our book cases that are all along the family room wall. The shelving is white and the backing is red so it really pops and then there are mirror on the opposite wall to bring the color to that side. And for kids accent ceilings are really big. That way you can have a crazy color on the ceiling and a calmer color on the walls.

  3. Colleen, this bedding set is on sale this week! If you still have your receipt, I think they will give you back the difference in price! Hope it works!

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