New Details about the Hogwarts Express Ride Experience #DiagonAlley

It’s no secret that I can’t wait for the new Diagon Alley to open up at Universal Orlando. Thrilled with these new details about the Hogwarts Express Ride Experience.

Did you know that guests will enjoy two TOTALLY  different experiences riding the Hogwarts Express depending on whether they’re traveling to Hogsmeade or London??? So basically it’s like we’ll be getting 2 new amazing Harry Potter experiences with the opening of Hogwarts Express.

Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Express Video

There’s a fantastic teaser video about the new Hogwarts Express too.  Check it out! 

More Details about the Hogwarts Express Ride Experience

Here’s the scoop from the press release:

Once seated in the cabin, guests will be able to look out their windows as an incredibly authentic and magical adventure unfolds before them.  They’ll see Hagrid come alongside the train on his flying motorbike, Buckbeak the Hippogriff swoop gracefully over Black Lake, the Weasley twins on brooms and up to their usual antics, the Knight Bus swerving through London traffic and more!

Remember: Park-to-park admission will be required to ride the Hogwarts Express from The Wizarding World ofHarry Potter – Diagon Alley (located in Universal Studios Florida) to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade (located in Universal’s Islands of Adventure).

I can’t wait to experience boarding at both train stations either! Here’s a new image of the Hogsmeade station.

Hogsmeade Station

For more information about the Hogwarts Express and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, visit

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  1. We just had my daughter to IOA for the first time last November. Can’t wait to go back now that there’s going to be so much new Harry Potter stuff!

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