New Toy Buzz: Barbie Goes Super Hero Video Review #BeSuper

Love it! For the first time in 56 years, Barbie transforms into a Super Hero. Check out our photos video to see the scoop on this new line of Barbie dolls. Barbie, also known as Princess Sparkle, wears a skirt that transforms into a cape and her tiara is also a mask. Very cool! We’ve got a video showing how to easily transform Barbie’s skirt into a cape with just a click and turn. Little girls imaginations will adore this new opportunity for role play with their Barbie dolls and for themselves in their very own dress up super hero Barbie Princess Power dress up clothes too!


Kenzie shares videos of the new Barbie super hero pets that are also super heroes on her website too. The new Barbie super hero pets are very cute and priced at only $3.99 too with frogs, cats, dogs and the butterfly that magically kisses Barbie to give her the super powers.

Kenzie and Kyle can’t wait to see the new movie as every year we look forward to every new Barbie movie as it always becomes an instant favorite for the kids. Good music and excellent storylines.  The franchise does such a great job of creatively telling new stories and adventures every season.

Barbie Goes Super Hero Video Review 

Barbie Super Hero Digital Comic Creator

You can check out Barbie’s super hero adventures on This website is really cool for kids and let’s them create their very own little comics and watch some fun interactive trailers too. 9 year old Kenzie really enjoyed this interactive website.


Barbie in Princess Power Images




Official info on Barbie in Princess Power

The property includes a DVD, full line of dolls, role play costumes and an innovative digital comic creator allowing girls to play out their own superhero stories.

Barbie in Princess Power brings to life a storyline for Barbie the way girls imagine a superhero to be for them – turning bad guys into friends, using sparkly magical gadgets, and saving the day in style! 

Note: Thanks to Barbie for sending us samples of this new line for our featured reviews. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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