New Yankee Candle American Home Collection

I’m a Yankee Candle addict come Fall and Wintertime as I love burning candles to create a cozy feeling home that is bursting with the scents of the season. We were sent the latest new line created by Yankee Candle, called American Home by Yankee Candle that is now sold for the very first time ever at Walmart. Take a peek at our photo below of the 7 styles available at Walmart from the New Yankee Candle American Home Collection and our video review below so you can see what they look like up close in person.

Yankee Candle American Home Collection Video Review

The new scents we were sent to sample include the following that we show in our video below along with all 7 sizes available which also includes a nifty fragrance bead option.

The 6 scents sold at Walmart that we sampled include the below:

  • Ginger Pumpkin Pie
  • Fresh Apple
  • Pumpkin Apple Harvest
  • Shades of Fall
  • Summer Sands
  • Moonlit Night

You can view American Home by Yankee Candle product options and availability in store or at You’ll notice depending on the style and size of your candle pricing seems to range between $10 and $18 which is definitely a better value than in store at Yankee Candle.

My favorite scents from the new Yankee Candle American Home Collection

Check out this pic of our fave scents from the new Yankee Candle American Home collection. We are wild for the bouquet of fall aromas – pumpkin, apples, and ginger spice! These are all wonderful and make our house smell like “home” as these are my “SHADES of FALL”. We did NOT care for the black/navy Moonlit Night as it honestly smelled like Men’s Cologne. I’d imagine it only at a bachelor pad and we had to leave it in our garage it was so awful for us, however, I imagine a young single guy might totally love this scent for his apartment.

You can tell 9 year old Kenzie is also crazy about the scents of Fall. Ginger Pumpkin Pie is her fave and she couldn’t stop smelling it.


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  1. The new Yankee candle line in Walmart is being made not by Yankee in MA, but in a factory down in Cornelia Georgia owned by a different company, to keep costs down.

    • As an employee of Yankee Candle I know they are made in Deerfield MA. The bottom of the jar states that, as well at the burn time. And even before my employment, when I was just a customer, Yankee Candle is hands down the candles with the best burn time for the price. Whether it be in one of their stores, outlets, or other lines.

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