Nicole Richie or Mother’s Day Tea??

Which would you choose? I get some crazy and interesting offers in my life as a mom blogger. Like the chance last week to fly to LA to film a video segment with celeb mom Nicole Richie – on the same day as Kenzie’s special Mothers Day Tea at preschool.

Yes a very cool opp.


This wasn’t even a dilemma for me.

Yes it would be intriguing to meet Nicole and talk motherhood, but hands down my daughter wins. I live for these special days that I will remember forever. The songs they sang, the crafts she made just for me, and seeing her nervously stand up in class to share her reason for loving me……because she loves how I say prayers with her and tuck her and Kyle in every night.

I’m not home tonight for tuck in duty, and I might not be there all the time….but luckily I can be there when it counts.






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