Night on the Town

Friday night we took the kids downtown for dinner, a stroll, and some super yummy ice cream from the local non-chain ice cream parlor. After about 3 tortuous weeks of Kyle being a total wreck from teething, we are thrilled that his angelic personality has returned – at least until the next fever, tooth, or round of shots!

Figured we better leverage the good times and head out of the house for some family fun. Kenzie thinks she is one cool cat in these Dora sunglasses. And she is in heaven with this bowl of strawberry ice cream. Kyle chilled in the stroller the entire evening but this little guy is going to be a handful soon.
Just started crawling short distances yesterday and he is beginning to cruise around in this walker (total lifesaver of a product!) He’ll be 6 months this week – can’t believe it and wish I could just freeze time to enjoy these cuties forever.

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