Nintendo Wii Giveaway Live!

Yes. You read the title right! Classy Mommy is giving away a Nintendo Wii just in time for 2008 holiday gift giving. Like just about everyone I know, we too are huge fans of the Nintendo Wii and are thrilled to host this giveaway.

Contest period is from 12 AM EST November 17th, 2008 through 11:59 PM EST November 30th, 2008. Entering is easy – but winning will take a little more work. Click here for full contest details and to place your entry to win a Nintendo Wii. You can view contest standings and see who else is entered here.
This giveaway will be a bit like a popularity contest with the winner earning the most votes during the contest period. So get ready to beg and plead all your family, friends, co-workers, and random people you meet online or on the street to give you a vote!

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