Nintendo Wii Giveaway Thoughts…..

Who knew the Nintendo Wii Popularity Contest would cause such a sensation? After Day 1, we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of entrants excited to win the coveted Nintendo Wii. A few leaders are emerging as Moms are getting creative in their tactics to win votes from friends, family members, co-workers, and their social networks. The buzz and curiousity over the voting standings even crippled last night for an hour or two!
With 13 days to go it looks like the Bloggers and Twitter fanatics are gaining an early advantage. Andrea from Mommy Snacks is currently leading by about 50 votes as I’m sitting down to type this up. Mommy Snacks is followed closely behind by Toni from Grocery Price Books who has creatively linked earning votes to win the Nintendo Wii with a $50 Gift Card giveaway on her website. Others I’ve noticed tying the Wii votes to fabulous giveaways include Lori from A Cowboy’s Wife (Win a $25 Am Ex Gift Card) and Alyssa from Kingdom First Mom (Win a $50 Walmart Gift Card) Overall, moms are enjoying the friendly competition with each other even while playing their own sympathy cards to earn more votes.
With almost 2 weeks to go this contest isn’t anywhere close to over. If you’re a blogger both Mommy Snacks and Domestic Diva have set up an super easy way for their readers to vote for them with just a quick click. Take a peek at their websites to get an idea of what they are doing to help them rock the Wii vote.
And if you’re aspiring for more votes get out there and leverage your social networks. Start a campaign for yourself on Facebook. Tell all your friends on Twitter to vote for you. Ask your friends to ask their friends to vote for you.
Still looking for votes? My best friend doesn’t use the online networks so she Texted everyone in her cell phone to go vote for her and she turned out almost 40 votes in a few hours. Not bad!
In a way this is about building your own brand and getting everyone you know to vote for you. Cause remember you can vote for more than 1 person! Lost when it comes to this talk of social networks? Then, hop on over to Jessica Knows – who I think is a top expert on using social media to build your personal brand and check out her 15 Days of Marketing Posts as you’ll find some awesome tips on using social networks that just might help you win the Wii too.
I’m thrilled people are getting so creative in their efforts to win the Wii. It is refreshing to host a giveaway where people are working hard to win such a special gift for their family or friends.
Wonder how many votes the winner will earn? And where are all the Men? Is it only Moms that want to win the Nintendo Wii? Hmmm………

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