Nintendo Wii is an early Mother's Day Surprise!

My hubby is really going to need to do a super special Mother’s Day gift to top the Nintendo Wii we received to review 2 days ago. So exciting! However, I think Mike thought it was a Father’s Day present – he was like a little kid at Christmas digging into the package, pulling out the cords and immediately hooking everything up. Excited to see him so involved in a Classy Mommy review. I am CRAZY for the Tennis. I love how you move around so much with Wii – I honestly feel like I am playing tennis and find myself in the ready position between strokes and jogging in place waiting for the ball to come. If you’ve never tried the Wii – it is hard to “get” just how phenomenal it is until you experience it. I’ve heard the BUZZ but thought it was something just for teenage boys into video games. This is product is totally for the entire family – and will be so entertaining for my hubby and I when we are always at home on a Friday or Satuday night with 2 little children who go to bed early!

We’ll have to post some videos of our family in action on the Wii. Pretty Hilarious. Especially as 2 year old Kenzie has even joined in the fun – prefering baseball and bowling at age 2. She doesn’t quite get it though, but knows we are having so much fun with it – so her idea of real fun is to PRETEND to be Mommy or Daddy and take our controller into her cottage as she prefers to “play” on the imaginary tv. Very cute.

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