No Brainer Tricks for a Healthier Lifestyle #FindYourHealthy

How do you find your healthy???

1. Stock my Essential Vitamins in my Purse

I need an EASY vitamin routine. That includes many fail safes to insure I can take my vites daily! I love the convenience of these mini on the go vitamins from the CVS Health line and it’s a huge bonus for me that these are chewable vitamins too! I’m not a fan of swallowing all kinds of pills daily – chewing is so much easier and tastier. Each variety I take from CVS Health all taste AMAZING  – from their B vitamins to their delicious Vitamin C to a Vitamin D that reminds me of vanilla ice cream! I find I’m always rushing in the morning and don’t always make time to take my vitamins…… so by keeping them on hand in my purse, I never have to worry about forgetting as I just take them whenever I think of it. I need Vitamin D daily because of osteoporosis in my family and my own low levels of Vitamin D. And I love having Vitamin C on hand to boost my immune system whenever I feel a cough or cold coming on.

2. Stock Healthy Snacks in my Kids Athletic Bags

I love for my kids to have healthy snack options in their athletic bags so they can boost their energy both before and after swim practice. The Abound line from CVS has all kind of healthy popcorns, rice crisps and granola style energy bars that fit the bill of yummy and healthy.

3. Take a Probiotic Daily

I’m all about chewables. These Probiotics for kids are a staple in my household for both my kids and this Mama. A delicious grape taste and honestly I Look forward to taking this every day. It’s like a sweet treat but one that boosts my immune system and digestive health. Since my daughter and I often need antibiotics for our respiratory woes, I like knowing we are always keeping our systems full of healthy flora.

4. Drink 64 oz minimum of Water Daily

No brainer and an absolute MUST DO. You feel better hydrated – from your joints to your energy levels. I always keep a water bottle by my nightstand and in my purse. So I can sip whenever i need to and be sure I get it all down daily.

5. Maintain a No Brainer Weight Lifting Routine

Who has time to go the gym??? For me, since I love exercising and am always running or walking, it’s the weight program I need to simply. What I do is keep dumbbells of multiple weights in my master bedroom. So 3-4x a week when I’m watching TV at night I can just spend 5-10 minutes doing various exercises when I’m catching up on my fave tv shows.

7. Using my CVS Mobile App & ExtraCare Rewards

Using ExtraCare reward when shopping at CVS is a no brainer – meaning its simple and easy to save time and money with all of the deals conveniently available through the mobile app. I don’t need to clip coupons either – cause if I forgot it’s all there digitally. Plus when you sign up you might just get some extra special offers like this arriving in both your email inbox and your actual mailbox!

Note: This post is sponsored by CVS. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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