Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – PRE-FALL FASHION, Already?? Yes!

I can’t even believe I’m writing about this topic considering it’s only July but I’ve been getting the pre-fall promos in the mail and online. So just like any fashionista I have started my wish list, good thing my birthday falls at the end of the summer and I stock up on fall fashion as gifts! I have to say I am in the market for a fall bag and I have found my dream, the Tory Burch Roslyn bag. It’s ordered but no ship date yet.

Another summer favorite is the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! In the past I have cleaned up at that sale. I study the mailer for few weeks leading up to the sale, it’s a family joke with my mom and sister. I love that boots are still all the rage.  Below, check out the adorable Red Valentino Rainboots, a must have which will be part of the sale for $119. The anniversary sale kicks off in stores July 20th!

This fall there is still a lot of color which is fabulous and don’t forget to add a monogram necklace

I do get to a point in the summer where all I do is daydream about putting jeans and a sweater on and my long Northface Metropolis jacket. Soon enough I’m sick of being hot.

My fall wish list is growing from the Nordstrom to Tory!

Pre Fall

5 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – PRE-FALL FASHION, Already?? Yes!”

  1. The Nordstrom sale is a great sale! I had a personal shopper and they gave me a $50 gift card for using a shopper. Can’t beat that!

    I grabbed some terrific items for my husband, and I got a Tory Burch dress for $100 off the retail price! I can’t wait to wear it!!

  2. I bought shoes for each child (a pair of Nikes for my son and some super cute Converse slip ons for my daughter) and this thing called a Gund Cushie. It’s like an Elmo pillow pet – only bigger! It’s going in the closet until Christmas and I only hope my 19 month old’s love affair with Elmo continues until them.

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