O.O.T.W Doll Collectibles from Blip Toys


The makers of Squinkies, Blip Toys has just launched a new toy line – O.O.T.W out of this world dolls. They attempt to merge the vinyl-mation doll craze with the classic play pattern of small dolls. And yes, I can attest both my kids found this GIGI sample doll irresistable as she is small and cute to hold but most importantly comes to life with the push of a tiny button that ignites a contagious giggle. And if you set her down on a table she even shakes and jiggles to the rhythm of her non stop adorable giggle.

The dolls are from the Girlaxy – a futuristic place with bright lights and bold funky colors and the play pattern for the dolls is expanding in the social media and online realm. Here’s a video of our doll in action:


As you see here, every package has a QR code that you can scan for more details and a video on the dolls.

Each doll has a different personality and characteristics and I see the urge to collect being HOT in our household and amidst all the little girls.

Available in July at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Amazon and more.

Disclosure: Thanks to Blip Toys for sending us a sample to facilitate our feature. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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