Obama and my 3 year old

One week post Inauguration, I’ve finally had some time to reflect on this monumental moment in history and our lives. I don’t normally talk politics on this “parenting” website but so it goes.

I anticipated this inauguration for so many reasons – a leader I could feel truly represented me, a Democrat, an African American, the need for satisfaction after Gore’s loss and the drama of the “hanging chads” in 2000 and so on. My husband and I have been rooting for Obama for a long time and he remembers me first telling him about Barack years ago – before we even had children – in a Barnes & Noble when the Audacity of Hope was first released.

Who knew then, that I’d be witnessing this event and trying to impress upon a 3 year old, the history we were watching unfold on our brand new Flat Screen TV. So it goes. First comes love, then comes marriage, and before you know it Parenthood hits. During the primary and election, we were certainly vocal in our household about our passion for Obama. 3 year old Kenzie quickly became well versed in her “OOOOO Bama” cheer.

3 years ago at the birth of my daughter I certainly didn’t imagine what being a Parent would entail – I definitely didn’t expect the concept of no sleep nor that someday I’d be trying to impress upon a preschooler life lessons, values, and the meaning of democracy and freedom. Well apparently, this time I did the job right and somehow impressed upon her that today was no ordinary day.

Cause as we waited in front of our TV for nearly 2 hours during the pre-inauguration pomp and circumstance, she continually begged to see Obama and wondered just which man he was again as she couldn’t see him on the screen. As Obama began to speak and tears welled up in my eyes, Kenzie grabbed her Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera and began taking picture after picture of Obama on the TV. Asking me if each shot was a good one and telling me, “Mom we will always have these pictures of Obama so from now on we will always have Obama. And we will always remember this day.”

Kids say the cutest things. And before bed, despite the love of Obama in our household, Kenzie asked, ” Mom, why don’t we have a girl President?” I told her, “Someday……”

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