Obsessed with the new Pioneer Woman Cooks Kitchen and Dinnerware Collection

Love love love this charming and trendy new collection of cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, and kitchen goodies created by the beloved Pioneer Woman. Her brilliant collection will be sold exclusively at Walmart too as of  September 1st. Pieces are already selling out and it’s only been on sale for a few hours. So if you love mix and match plates, cups, bakeware and accessories when your entertaining, definitely take a peek at our photos below and check out the full collection here: Walmart.com/ThePioneerWoman

Pioneer Woman CookwarePhotos of The Pioneer Woman Mix & Match Kitchen Collection

Check out photos from the samples we received. I want to buy it all! Like EVERYTHING. All the kitchen dishes are dishwasher and microwave safe and the quality looks excellent. Even better, I’m loving that each and every piece in her collection is so on trend and in style.

Check out this Gravy Boat. I adore it. And this might motivate me to make gravy more than once a year at Thanksgiving!

The Mason jars are fun for entertaining and even come with a recipe for Blueberry Lemonade inside. Sweet!


More Photos from Walmart.com of The Pioneer Woman’s Kitchen Goodies

Honestly each piece just gets cuter. Look at this rolling pin!

Pioneer Woman Rolling Pin


I love the bold colors and the mix and match ability of the bakeware and cute serving pieces. A scheme of colors but all with various patterns and shades so you can coordinate however you please. Sweet! (Especially when something gets left dirty and you want to still entertain or at least have a pretty looking dinner with no “mis-matched” plates with your own family !

Dinner ware Pioneer Woman

Dinner Ware Red pioneer woman

Pioneer woman denim plates aqua


And look at all these other ultra cute pieces….Awesome right? And if you see things sold out already on Walmart.com, Ree said on her website and social media feeds that more will be in stock soon. I want all of it!

pioneer woman bakeware


Walmart Moms 2014 Spring Disclosure

12 thoughts on “Obsessed with the new Pioneer Woman Cooks Kitchen and Dinnerware Collection”

  1. I love the look of the Pioneer Woman collection but since I’ve had two different cancers I am concerned about health and cookware safety. Do you know the safety standards of this cookware? Thanks!

  2. My mom tried to tell me I would regret buying the PW dishes before actually handling them and checking for flaws, etc. and I do. So disappointed when I got my order. The cameras make the dishes look much better than they actually are, and the cast iron skillet was rough and just not up to par with my Lodge skillets, and the silverware very cheap feeling. The colored mason jars lost their color coating in the first wash. I returned everything. Not sure if I will continue to follow PW blog, I feel a little betrayed. I supported her books and was a faithful reader of her blog but I think she’s like most of the other FN chefs, trying to make as much money as she can while she’s hot and that’s ok, I guess. It’s the way of the world. I wish her the best.

  3. I cringed when I saw her on a Walmart ad. A “pioneer woman” who is getting rich with Walmart, the place that destroyed the Mom and Pop stores in the small towns all over America? Not to mention the stuff made in China which is choked with thick smog that kills millions there, and the child labor. Nope.. used to like her, but I’d never buy her stuff or follow her again. Don’t care how many free samples they give, or how much they pay bloggers.

  4. Have loved Ree Drumond for years. I bought her romance book about her and Ladd. As soon as I Finished it I reread it a couple days later. Loved it. Bill bought me a whole red pots and pans set, and I love them. There my favorite Christmas present this year,and use the all the time. Bless your family Ree (pioneer woman). Rhonda in Alaska

  5. hey Classy – Just curious about what you think now that the product line has received horrible reviews and is not just cheaply made, but apparently dangerously made as well – reports of “microwave safe” bake ware and glass ware shattering after being nuked for mere seconds; reports of glaze and color flecking off dishes; reports of the cake stand being recalled; many consistent scary reports, not from Ree detractors, but from her ardent fans. Good thing she’s loaded – she’ll need some good legal representation when someone gets injured or sick from ingesting dangerous chemicals that leach from her various ‘wares’.

  6. Last weekend my husband said if I would get rid of all my old dishes he’d buy me all new. We liked the colors and styles of Pioneer Woman so off to Walmart we go. We came with a set of red, amber and white. Well…….I am so disappointed, I let go of my dishes that we’ve had for 36 of our 38 years of marriage to only be upset that one of the white plates seems to have absorbed water and now is severely discolored. These will go back to the store and I will expect to hear from your company. .so DISAPPOINTED. I have photos if the plate that I am referring about in this email.

  7. Well, I have bought almost the entire teal line of dishes and glassware, and I LOVE them. Very sturdy, colors strong after many hand washings in hot water. Heavy, sturdy glassware and lovely glass color. I don’t care if they were made in China – this is a global economy, although yes I hope they’re doing their due diligence on child labor questions.
    My ONLY complaint about this line is the logo “PIONEER WOMAN” written on every piece. I think it cheapens the look. Would a man want “CONSTRUCTION MAN” written all over his tools? It’s a bit patronizing.
    I love this line and my kitchen and table look beautiful.

  8. I got the farmhouse lace dinnerware set and the falling flowers bowls and salad plates. They are absolutely beautiful. I recommend to all of my friends and family. Is she going to come out with a new line soon? Every time I look now, it is all sold out or on clearance and unable to buy. Unless you want to go on Ebay or Amazon and pay twice as much as on Walmart. Thanks.

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