Off to Space Camp for the Space Warriors Movie Premiere!

It’s always surprising when life comes full circle. I’m about to head off to Space Camp in Alabama today with my entire family to cover the Space Warriors premiere for Walmart. This is extra crazy since 25 years ago I lost out on winning a trip to Space Camp on the game show Double Dare when my dive into the green slime canal was a split second too late.  

I’ll officially be on assignment with Kenzie for Walmart as we covering the red carpet and cast interviews for this wonderful family movie that Walmart and P&G are presenting with Walden Family Theater.

Crazy that somehow we are all ending up there now! I never would have thought that someday I’d end up at Space Camp with my entire family after almost winning a trip there as a kid on Double Dare. And yeah, I know you want to see that photo of me covered in green slime. Here it is!  And trust me, my partner from Team Fluffernutter and I believe that I had that flag in my hot little hands before the buzzer went it off – it was a highly contested obstacle course! You can see the Double Dare video of my close call at the bottom of this post.

Anyhow, we are beyond excited! I love when my work involves my family and Kenzie is feeling extra thrilled that she is going to play an official role with me  interviewing the cast too. She is wildly excited about using a microphone and is holding out hope against hope that somehow they will let her keep the microphone. (I told her this is highly doubtful as all that fancy equipment belongs to the camera crew!)

Here’s the official movie poster. Looks awesome right? My kids are obsessed with the trailer and we keep watching it.

“Space Warriors,” stars Dermot Mulroney, Danny Glover, Josh Lucas, Mira Sorvino and Thomas Horn. Space Warriors is slated to make its world debut on Hallmark Channel on May 24th. The movie will be sold exclusively in Walmart stores Tuesday, May 28.

Here’s the official trailer for Space Warriors. It looks like a great inspirational movie that all families will enjoy watching together for a family movie night.

Later this summer there will be more great family films too. We’re so appreciative Walmart is supporting these amazing and inspiring films from Walden Family Theater. We’ll be reporting all kinds of photos, vines, tweets, and videos about our adventure over the next few days. You can follow along on my social media channels and we’ll be using the hashtag #SpaceWarriors. 

Here’s the Double Dare clip where I almost won a trip to Space Camp. So close! And the commercials from the 80’s are hysterical.

Note: I’m a member of the Walmart Moms. They will pay all our travel expenses and we’ll be compensated for our time. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Colleen, what, you TOTALLY had that flag! INSTANT REPLAY! It’s okay, life comes full circle and this is a fabulous opportunity for your family. Plus, now you get to take your kids. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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