Old Navy $100 Giveaway & Baby Sale

Win it! We’re giving away $100 gift card to Old Navy to celebrate their Baby Sale that runs from September 10th to September 23rd. I went to Old Navy yesterday to see what I could score for the kids.

Let me tell you the deals on the basics were incredible. Think longsleeve tees for boys for only $5. Fleece’s for girls for $10. Everything for newborn to size 5T seemed to be on ultra deal and I loved it.

I really stocked up for Kyle who is growing fast from age 2 to 3 and at this stage of the game needs more clothing than his fashionista sister who can still at least fit into items from last year. Kyle doesn’t fit into anything from last Fall!

Take a peek at my fashion haul video…. all these goodies were bought for less than $120. It even includes 2 sweaters and a necklace for Mom!

Also, don’t forget to print off this 30% off coupon online – it’s good for your 1 most expensive item. It will be 40% off if you use the coupon with your Gap or Old Navy credit card.

Enter contest by September 17th, 2010 (we want you to be able to use your gift card during the sale so this one ends quickly!)

Disclosure: This post and giveaway are sponsored by Old Navy and the Baby Center network. A gift card and samples were provided to facilitate this post and giveaway.

426 thoughts on “Old Navy $100 Giveaway & Baby Sale”

  1. We LOVE Old Navy. It’s our go-to place for all our kids’ clothes. With 4 kids, we’ve got a lot to buy for and $100 would be very nice to offset that cost. What a stellar giveaway!

  2. My boys are growing like weeds and need clothes so bad! My 5 year old just put on a pair of size 8 jeans today. I was like, oh shoot, what am I gonna do now?! Time to go shopping! πŸ™‚

  3. How fun! We have a new Old Navy store that is only 10 minutes away from where we live…What fun my children and
    I could have with this delightful gift card!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  4. Oh my gosh, you got some great items! I love Old Navy, awesome prices and quality clothing pieces for the entire family. Thanks for the chance!!

  5. I would love to win this. Old Navy has such incredible sales. Last week I bought 3 pairs of really cute shorts on clearance. Two pairs were $2.08 each, and the third pair was only $1.38! I almost felt like I was stealing at those prices!

  6. My favorite clothes come from Old Navy. I have a pair of sweats that I absolutely love and all my kids favorite tees are from there! Great giveaway!!

  7. i was JUST there yesterday buying two pairs of maternity pants! Boy could I have used this then! I’m always so amazed at how many items people bring to the checkout. More than any other store… except maybe Kohl’s. πŸ™‚

  8. My daughter and grandchildren all love OLD NAVY!!..( I love their Jammies with cami tops for the ladies)..with 4 grandchildrens birthdays and my daughter’s bdays all falling from August to November, this sale and giveaway, couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. What a blessed gift this would be!

    cathy b
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  9. I would love this! I am desperate for maternity clothes, and I could definitely use some clothes for my 4 yo and the new baby too. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  10. Wow!! Awesome giveaway!! Would love to win this. I have two boys. And another baby on the way due in Feb. This would be great πŸ™‚

  11. We really need to do some Old Navy shopping, especially during the baby sale!
    You got some really cute things which we could also use.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  12. Old Navy is the only store I can shop fashions for the kids. I have 4 and 2 are in school and need nice clothes and ON offers prices I can afford. Thanks for this chance to help clothe the kids πŸ™‚

  13. The first time I visited an Old Navy store was right after we moved to Central Oregon and we went to the Bend location. I was very impressed at the selection and the prices: they have affordable, quality clothes that my kids would actually want to wear.

  14. I love ON’s baby sales. I got a coupon in the mail too, so I really need to get over there and get some shopping done for my two littles.

  15. We recently received some clothing for my son for his birthday that was from Old Navy and I love the clothing. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  16. Oh we love Old Navy! It is the only place we can get jeans for our super skinny, very tall 3 1/2 year old. We love adjustable waists! Those prices sure can’t be beat either, especially for the quality. I’d really love to win this, with three kids and each of them needing new clothes for the upcoming fall/winter months this would be wonderful! Thanks so much for a chance. *crosses fingers*

  17. yes old navy has the great bargains and the clothes look great! im going to head over there for some of the great sales you mentioned. i need the long sleeve tshirts for my son for under his button down plaid shirts. sweet

  18. We haven’t been able to afford clothes for this winter yet, this would be such a blessing! We would be able to buy alot of new clothes at Old Navy!

  19. This is perfect for my kids… I have a 7th grader who loves their cami’s and a son who puts holes in his jeans faster than I can buy them!

  20. I am sooooo excited about this giveaway! I have a 10 year old, and 8 month old girl, and am 22 weeks pregnant with a little boy who we literally have nothing for. We’re also a 1 income family and struggling. If I won, I would buy baby clothes for our upcoming new addition! Thanks for the chance!

  21. Thank you so much for the amazing Giveaway!

    Our first baby is due in December and I have been slowly stocking up on baby clothes for his arrival. This would help <3

    bakergurl02 @ yahoo.com

  22. I’m definitely going to try to make it to Old Navy during the sale! My sister is getting married in 2 weeks tho and I’m the maid of honor and there are lots of family coming in to town… so a trip to Old Navy might get lost in the shuffle. I’m definitely going if I win tho!

  23. Wow, thanks so much for the chance! I love Old Navy. I would use this to get some great winter clothes which we desperately need. I will definitely be printing that coupon. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  24. I really need some clothes for fall – this would be a huge help! And with the coupon – I could make the money go even further! Thanks!

  25. This would be a huge help for our family, as my husband and I have just learned that we are having twin girls due January 14th, and are now needing double the winter stuff! We have two boys already as it is ages 8 and 5 and we were planning on baby three, now we are having baby 3 & 4! what a shock but we still feel so blessed with the outcome. Plus Old Navy has the absolute cutest baby clothes!!!! πŸ˜‰

  26. My family has shopped at Old Navy for years and could really help out on fall clothes. Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway.

  27. What a blessing this would be for my girls! Funds are extremely low this season and this would take care of them for a year, at least!

  28. AWESOME! Thanks for the great giveaway offering! My family and I love shopping at ‘Old Navy’! And we could ‘definitely’ use the $100 Old Navy GC for some last-minute ‘back-to-school’ shopping! Good Luck to all!

  29. i have a secret santa family i give to every year..what a help this would be to buy some specail things that i wouldn’t or couldn’t buy for them

  30. Wowzerz! Its time to do some shopping for Jr. as he grows – I could make $100 last for at least a couple of months πŸ™‚ He’s growing like a weed, anything that still fits after its first run thru the laundry is a plus!

  31. Being a single Mom to 4 great kids this would come in handy, buying some back to school clothes for my kids, Thanks for the chance to win !

  32. This would be a real treat. My kids love their socks and I’m sure we could find some pants to replace all the ones we have with holes in the knees.

  33. You can really come away with a truckload of stuff from Old Navy by watching the sales and clearance items… especially when they do an extra 50% off clearance prices. I once got 9 sweaters and long-sleeved shirts for $21 during one of those sales. πŸ™‚

  34. Thank you for the lovely giveaway. I love Old Navy. It’s great quality and their styles are so fabulous.

    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  35. I am due with my first baby this winter, so I am in some dire need of maternity clothes for Fall & of course some baby clothes, I love Old Navy, so this would be so incredibly fabulous to win!
    yummyfaerie at hotmail dot com

  36. Great Giveaway. I love Old navy, they have great sales, and you can find fabulous clothes for the entire family even if your on a budget.

  37. I have 3 grand kids that are always iin need of clothes and we so love Old Navy since they have some great styles and even better prices

  38. I love Old Navy, they have such a great combination of trendy and classic clothes for everyone in the family for great prices. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  39. We absolutely L-O-V-E Old Navy and we need to get some fall/winter clothing badly. You got some really cute stuff{for you & the kids}lol
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  40. Thanks for the chance to enter! It would be the perfect time to pick up some new jeans and hoodies for the kids as the fall weather begins. πŸ™‚

  41. Thanks for the Opportunity!!! My Newborn needs a cute winter coat and Old Navy is the ONE!!!!! GOOOOOO OLD NAVY WE LOVE IT πŸ™‚ YEEEPY

  42. My son never cared about clothes until a girl took him clothes shopping for stuff he looked good in. Old Navy is his favorite store now!

  43. Wow what a great giveaway my best friend just had a baby and this would be perfect to get my newest godchild some winter clothes!

  44. We love Old Navy for cute affordable clothing for our DD! We bought her some summer stuff for next summer there a few months ago when they were on sale.

  45. I could so use this! Old Navy has the best clothes for back to school and we haven’t had a chance to do that yet! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  46. I LOVE Old Navy!! I have found lots of bargains! I have just about every color flip flops they make! I got a LOT of them on the dollar day. I would love to win this gift card. I NEED some retail therapy!!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  47. One nice thing about Old Navy is that, if you have a gift card and can’t find what you need there, you can also use it at Gap Baby, The Gap or Banana Republic

  48. Old Navy is great. I find the cutest clothes for my two granddaughters and having another granddaughter due early next year, I’m looking forward to shopping for her. My daughter-in-law has found the nicest maternity clothes in Old Navy this summer that are cute and comfortable!

  49. I would love to win this. I am a young single soon to be (due December 1) mom. This way I can make sure my son has all the clothes he needs!

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