Olympic Dreams: Like Mother, Like Daughter

It’s an Olympic year and I’m already feeling the excitement even though they are still 6 months away.

I think of the Olympics and literally just FEEL for the athletes and families dreaming of competiting in the games and those who ultimately get there to represent their country. I remember my dreams of the Olympics as a little girl when I was a competitive swimmer. And now, my own daughter is 6 years old and on the swim team for the very 1st time. I see her following in her Mother’s footsteps with her own athletic dreams.

Here’s Kenzie holding her very first swimming awards – ribbons for placing 5th in the 25 yard Backstroke and 6th in the 25 yard Freestyle. She is so thrilled with herself and I feel so proud of her accomplishments – but most of all proud of the hard work and dedication she has shown to improve her skills as a swimmer. Just last summer she could not even swim 1 full lap of the pool! And now here she is RACING and COMPETING in swimming. Diving (or should i say belly flopping?) off the starting blocks. Incredible.

And here’s me….. in 1983 and 1984 holding some of my very first hard earned swimming awards. I can remember feeling so proud of myself and I love knowing that my daughter is experiencing those same feelings of accomplishment.

Here is me with my 5th place medal – the very first prize I ever won.

And a year later winning the gold medal – 1st place – at our Championships after a year of practice at my sport.

Yes, the Olympics are a beautiful pipe dream – but the competition and training is really about the journey and the life lessons you learn along the way. From dedication to perseverance to a commitment to train.

The lessons I learned from being involved in sports gave me my self confidence in all aspects of life – in the classroom and on the field – as a runner, swimmer, tennis player, and more as a youth. Those same lessons shaped the person I am today as a Mom, Wife, Daughter, and Entrepreneur.

I want to give those feelings & lessons to my daughter – and someday to my son when he’s old enough to participate in competition. Asa Mom myself, I now realize so much of that journey is about the Mom’s role to make it all happen for her children. And the sacrifices Mom makes to juggle her schedule – and dinner – literally be a chauffer driving her children to practice, missing her own engagement to instead drive to practice or watch a competitive meet, match or game for their kids. I’m seriously feeling wildly grateful to my Mom & Dad now for all they did for me over the years to help me find success in athletics and life.

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  1. This is great! What an inspiration you must be to your daughter. I was never much for swimming (though I taught lessons at the YMCA) but my 6-yr old son has been swimming on his own since age 2. We’ve never even bothered with floaties. He can dive and retrieve from the bottom of the pool as well as swim the length of the pool. Can you offer up some good resources on how to find a good swim team? We are in the Charleston, SC area…and I don’t know if I’m just checking the wrong places – recreation depts. etc…but I can’t seem to find info on a swim team for his age. I know he’d love it. He’s a fish!

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