Simple and Easy Olympics Torch Crafts for Kids

Are you ready for the Olympics celebration? My kids are super excited for the fanfare. This is a fun activity if you are wanting an easy day indoors playing school, baking and making crafts. Adding a cute Olympic themed craft to your Agenda is perfect this time of year!!!!!!

Below is some info on the history of the Olympic torch along with instructions to easily make Olympics Torch Crafts for Kids. Honestly, when you see our photos, you’ll see practically no instructions are required as it is that easy! Tissue paper, tape, and leftover cardboard toilet paper or paper towel rolls.

Here’s Kenzie and Kyle celebrating with their torch craft pretending they are running in the Olympic Torch Relay to help kick off the Winter Games of 2014.

Olympic Torch Salute

How to Make the Olympics Torch Craft

This craft is beyond simple. All you need is tissue paper, extra cardboard toilet paper or paper towel rolls, scissors, and scotch tape. You can pick up your supplies at your local Walmart if you don’t already have all these extra goodies in your craft closet. We used silver tissue paper to wrap our cardboard rolls and we used a combination of red, orange, and yellow for the flames.

Here’s a photo of our materials.

Olympic Torch Supplies

1. Wrap your cardboard in silver tissue paper. You could also use aluminum foil if you don’t have any silver tissue paper.

2. We cut up our tissue paper into tear shapes to make flames.  A combination of red, orange, and yellow for the flames looks realistic with the bulk of your flames in orange with a few yellow and red to make it appear more colorful.

Olympic Torch Tissue Paper Flames

3. Crunch of your tissue paper to  make it look fuller. Next bunch your pieces together into a bouquet.

Tissue Paper crushed

Tissue Paper for Olympic Torch

4. Tape your bouquet of flames into your silver torch handle and your craft is complete. Fun!

How to make an Olympics torch craft with kids via

History of the Olympics Torch

The Olympics torch relay is the ceremonial relay where the Olympics torch is brought from Olympia, Greece to the site of the Olympic Games. The torch symbolizes and celebrates the theft of fire from the Greek God Zeus by Prometheus and the origins lie in ancient Greece where fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the ancient Olympics. The Olympic Torch was brought back to our modern games in 1928.

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