On Becoming Harry Potter: How to Play Harry Potter and Hogwarts at Home! #HarryPotter #WizardingWorld #WizardingWorldOrlando

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Here’s our plans for How to Play Harry Potter and Hogwarts at Home! Are your kids patiently waiting for their letter to Hogwarts? Until then, check out our ideas on how to set up a Hogwarts School and play imaginary Harry Potter games with your children. You can tell we are just a little Potter obsessed in our family!

It’s official. My house has turned into Hogwarts with every scene and spell being reenacted by Kyle and Kenzie. Here’s Kyle’s Hogwarts ID Card:


The kids have been dreaming big of Harry Potter – so much so that they have literally transfigured into Harry & Hermione in their imaginary games over the last 36 hrs. This makes me Professor McGonagle and Dad is now Severus Snape- who teaches a wild and explosive potions class too.

With the news that we’d be visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in about 10 days, the kids – recovering from being sick with lots of movies, requested to watch the Harry Potter movie again to prep for their visit. I read the book aloud to them last summer and topped the book off with the movie. Seeing the movie the 2nd time this weekend was thrilling for the kids. It’s amazing how repetition continues to captivate kids and in this case it has completely absorbed them into Harry Potter’s world.

How to set up Hogwarts School and an imaginary Harry Potter game at home for the kids:

So what makes the Harry Potter game so fun for the kids? Besides their own imagination all the props we helped them set up to complete their vision definitely made it exciting. Here’s what we did:

  • Harry Potter scars
  • Hogwarts ID cards
  • Spell books
  • Wands (aka drumsticks or lincoln logs)
  • The Snitch
  • Live potion classes complete with experiments
  • Mix Vinegar with Baking Soda for a big eruption
  • Use Food coloring for potions like Pig Snot, Shark skin, and flower juice
  • Provide the kids with a Harry Potter Spell List
Here’s Kenzie with the snitch after “Quidditch” practice. What fun!


Experimenting with Pig Snot!

Toying around with shark skin magic – aka blue food coloring!

Adding a touch of flower juice!

A big set up for all their potions magic.

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  1. What a great post full of fun ideas Colleen! Our middle son really has grown up with Harry Potter, with every midnight new movie and new book release each summer ~ he can’t wait to go Hogwarts someday! Have a great visit and we’ll be following your story =)

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