On Meeting Fashionista Actress Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt stars as a Lilliputian princess in the new film “Gulliver’s Travels” which will hit theaters on Christmas Day – December 25th, 2010.
We talked fashion and more with Emily. She arrived to our interviews at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills looking stunning in this dress here by David Meister.
Although Emily Blunt might not consider herself a fashionista, her role in the Devil Wears Prada, her beauty, and the natural way she wears gorgeous threads has made her one in the eyes of fans like me.  From her British accent to her warm attitude chatting with us all she was totally lovely. And she was also  apologetic for having a horrid cough and feared she’d pass on her cold to us. We all laughed and told her if she only knew about the germs in our household with us all being Moms!
Here’s the scoop on her fashion sense, romantic ideas, and filming Gulliver’s Travels:
On if she has a stylist:
Emily: I have a stylist, not for my day to day but for days like this when I am working.  So, when I’m doing press or a red carpet event, my stylist is amazing.  And she’s a friend of mine. I’ve known her for years so she knows exactly what looks good and what I like.
Emily:  She’ll say, “I pulled all this stuff.”  And I’m like, “Yes, yes, no, disgusting, no, hate it, love it.”
On her everday style:
Emily: When I’m not working or doing press or anything, I literally dress like a teenage boy.   Drainpipe jeans, crazy boots, and t-shirts.  That’s literally it.


Here’s a photo of her on Dec. 18th, 2010 at the LA premiere of Gulliver’s Travles. Isn’t she so stylish?
Her character in the film begins wearing tremendous dresses from the style of the Victorian era and towards the end of the film as the influence of Gulliver impacts all in Lilliput, her style evolves to look like somewhat modern – think whimsical hippie style flowing peasant tops and dresses paired with leggines and long dangling necklaces.
On who selected her costumes for Gulliver’s Travels:
Emily: Sammy, the costume designer, she did Hellboy and Hellboy II.  And she’s, , got a great eye and she’s really cool.  She said to me “Your costumes are the girliest costumes I have ever made in my life.”  She said, “I’m used to Hellboy II with leather and canvas and denim and studs.”  And so, I think for both of us it was a pretty frilly experience, because I’m a total tomboy.

On loving dressing like a princess:
Emily: I think it’s nice to dress up.  It’s nice to feel a part of a spectacle sometimes, because you can so often fall into what feels familiar, you know?  And I think that that’s the joy of acting, that you get have these experiences, and that you get to discover a different side to you.
On her costumes evolving during the film:
Emily: I loved that.  The transition was really, really fun. I loved that it wasn’t addressed.  It was just that you can see Gulliver gradually influencing them and shaking up that whole world.  It was really cool.
On Gulliver’s Travels being her 1st Family Film :
Emily: I really enjoyed it.  I’ve never done a family movie before.  And it’s a whole different genre. There’s a charm to it and a kind of sweetness and a lightheartedness.  I think it’s really important to do make those movies, because people want an escape.  Gulliver’s Travels is the perfect Christmas movie.

On if modern women should be courted as her character was in Lilliput:
Emily: I think it’s something that is easily forgotten.  And I think it’s important to woo and they’re to have some kind of finesse when it comes to romancing someone.  I’m really old-fashioned that way.  I think it’s really nice.  I think it’s just from me being a romantic.
Her advice on modern day courting in the era of texting:
Emily:  Stay away from, roses and chocolates, because it’s just, like, anyone can do that.  I always believe in romance being spontaneous.  That’s the best way of doing it.  And be ballsy about it and surprise someone with something, even if–it could go either way.  At least you’ve done something different.
Emily: I think with guys, whatever they think works with girls, I don’t think it ever works.  Anything that sounds too strategized and planned out, you can just tell.  For example, thos guys who come up to you in a bar and you know they’ve been rehearsing that line, and you know it’s worked on someone else. That would drive me nuts
Thoughts on having children:
Emily: I definitely want them. I come from a big family.
Any plans to film a project with your husband?
Emily: I think so.  It would have to be the right thing, because I think sometimes when couples work together, they’re overly scrutinized, you know–?  Particularly if you’re in a kind of romantic movie together. Critics will go “They have no chemistry.”
On if she’d ever cameo on “The Office” ?
Emily:  Oh, I would if they’d have me!
The mamarazzi will be on the prowl for this newelywed and her adorable husband, Jon Krasinski, who plays Jim in the Office to have kids in a few years!  And let’s hope the Office gives her a cameo or guest spot she’ll so happily take!

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