On the set: Shooting a Tide Commercial

Yesterday I left the sweatpants at home and lost my ponytail for a surreal day on the job. I was able to glam it up at P&G to film a few TV segments and a Webisode about Tide Washing Machine Cleaner for HE washing machines.

So much fun!


So what’s the day like?

I spent about 1/2 a day at P&G – which included hair, make up, prepping for the segments, setting up our little laundry room set, and of course doing several takes as I fumbled lines here and there… and of course to be sure we had at least a few versions we “liked” so when they edit the reel they can use whatever works best.

Where am I?

Well basically I was at the R&D facility for P&G in Cincinnati, OH chatting with a principal researcher on the team for Tide, Penny Dirr. She was fabulous and we loved working together. So we are in P&G’s big lab full of tons of laundry machines where researchers can do all their testing! For our segment, we mostly had a conversation but had a few key ideas we both needed to get out in our “scripts” to be sure we hit all the key messages for our segment.

My role was to interview Penny to learn more about why the new High Efficiency or HE washers get that unpleasant smell so many people complain about…. and how Tide Washing Machine Cleaner helps combat those odor issues.

Getting beautiful to talk about Tide

And yes, when you are on camera – they take hair and make up seriously! So we both got pretty in a conference room and they even touched me up during out shoot.



We both breathed a HUGE gigantic sigh of relief when we finished after our extraordinary day being “talent” for Tide. I loved every second of it and wish I could be on camera once a week like this. It was so much  fun, and honestly the more you practice and gain expereince, the better you definitely get!

When will it air?

Hopefully in the next month. We filmed 3 pieces. A longer webisode, a shorter 3 minute type segment and a quick 60 second type piece. Some of these will air online and others will actually air on TV shows which is very exciting.

Why do HE machines sometimes smell? And how do you fix it?

There’s a bunch of reasons, but a big one is the gasket needs to stay dry.  You can help achieve  this by leaving the door slightly ajar after each load is washed. Also, be sure to use an HE detergent which makes fewer suds and is important to help maintain your HE machine.

HE machines also use a ton less water. This contributes to leaving residue build up on your machine which can also contribute to the odor – take a peek at this USED vs. NEW drum from a washer! Gross huh?

Tide Washing Machine cleaner helps minimize build up and gives a very fresh scent to your machine to help you solve you HE odor issues!


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