Online Zoom Guitar Lessons with the Guitar Center

Kenzie is finally fulfilling her dream to learn to play the guitar thanks to Online Zoom Guitar Lessons with the Guitar Center. I’m amazed at the innovative new ways our children can learn thanks to technology! Plus, the CONVENIENCE of not needing to drive your child to a music lesson amidst the hectic chaos of everyday life is a big win for parents!

Online Zoom Guitar Lessons with the Guitar Center

With all the extra time on Kenzie’s hands during the shutdown last spring, she was able to take advantage of the creative new online music lessons offered by the Guitar Center. When Covid-19 hit last spring, the Guitar Center launched online music lessons for students of all levels. Lessons are available for a variety of instruments plus vocals too.

Taking Online Zoom Guitar Lessons with the Guitar Center was definitely a great way to make lemons out of lemonade …which I think is certainly our family motto for 2020!

Learning to Play the Guitar over Zoom

We highly recommend the Guitar Center based on Kenzie’s weekly Guitar lessons. Her instructor Matt is awesome and texts me each week options of homework and lesson practice. Within just 2 lessons Kenzie could play parts of some of her favorite Taylor Swift songs.

She definitely felt her past experience with the Clarinet was helpful as far as a musical background but overall she learned guitar from scratch in just a few short 30 minute lessons!

Online Zoom Guitar Lessons with the Guitar Center

Why Sign Up for Instrument Lessons with The Guitar Center

Honestly, with all the social isolation our kids are facing with school happening virtually and many sports or musical after school activities being cancelled, The Guitar Center is a great way to keep your kids active, engaged, and challenged by learning a new instrument or continuing to study their current instrument.

My son Kyle played the drums in his middle school band and when COVID happened last spring he lost all of his band lessons at school along with rehearsals that used to happen. He used to do 3 rehearsals during per week during the school day, 1 weekly lesson, plus arrive at school early at 7 am every Wednesday for his Wind Ensemble rehearsal. He was crushed when this experience ended.

Our children want us as parents to help them find a way to keep the music going and The Guitar Center is a great solution!

More About The Guitar Center’s Online Music Lessons

  • The instrument lesson is live (not pre-taped). AWESOME!
  • Guitar Center offers one-on-one lessons – so these are really private lessons over zoom.
  • Options are for a range of instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, piano and more, along with DJ and vocal lessons.
  • Lessons are facilitated using Zoom technology and are handled via a secured link – no need to download the app.

You’ll be able to see your instructor easily on the laptop as you can tell here by our photos. (Kenzie normally does the lesson alone obviously, but I popped in to grab a photo and meet the instructor on her 1st class day this summer.)

Along with Guitar Center, its sister company Music & Arts, the largest provider of band instruments, is also providing online lessons ensuring students who were preparing for their next level, such as concert band or university level programs, have dedicated, degreed instructors who individualize the experience to achieve students’ goals.

Pricing and Registration at The Guitar Center

When I inquired about pricing, The Guitar Center explained each instrument is priced differently along with the regional pricing. I think you can expect to pay $25-$50 per 30 minute lesson but it all depends on where you live. The bonus for us was the CONVENIENCE of not needing to leave the home to attend a lesson too. This made fitting music lessons into our schedule so much easier!

Online Zoom Guitar Lessons with the Guitar Center

To register, visit

Note: Thanks to The Guitar Center for providing sample lessons to facilitate our feature.

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