My Pandora Sneak Peek at Animal Kingdom #DisneySMMC with Photos

Pandora will officially open May 27th! Hooray!!! Below you can see some photos and learn more about our Pandora Sneak Peek at Animal Kingdom. This morning I had a super sneak peek inside Pandora, the World of AVATAR which is now very soon to open at the Animal Kingdom. AMAZING! Love when Disney lets us learn more inside scoop and hear from Imagineers about the creation of their incredible attractions. Imagineers actually worked with James Cameron to bring this vision to life and further tell the story of AVATAR. This morning, my small group walked across the bridge into Pandora and were able to get a taste of the majestic floating mountains and plethora of gigantic alien floral, fauna, and bioluminescent world that will tower over guests.

Pandora Animal Kingdom Image

Today, people visiting Animal Kingdom, can definitely see lots of the floating mountains as they rise high above the “walls” that are still enclosing this new alien world. Things are definitely ready to open soon. I can’t wait and neither can my kids. It seems incredible.  Pandora will be breathtaking to experience and I think the 2 new attractions explained below that will also open with this giant expansion in the park will be extra special and spectacular too!

When you cross that bridge you are immediately transported to alien world!!!!

Pandora Sneak Peek at Animal Kingdom

Pandora Sneak Peek at Animal Kingdom

Pandora Sneak Peek at Animal Kingdom


More Official Info about Pandora

The imagineer that spoke with us explained that the floating mountains, bioluminescent rainforests and soaring Banshees will become real for Disney guests to see, hear and touch.

He said, the centerpiece ride will be the Avatar flight of passage where guests will be matched and linked to avatar and will then fly across Pandora with birds eye view. Sounds amazing right??? Then, there will also be a very family friendly ride, the Na’Vi River Journey too!

Plus, guests will be able to visit a marvelous trading store – called Windtraders – that will sell all kinds of fabulous Pandora plush, Na’Vi cultural items, and science kits.

As for food, guests can sip drinks at a beverage stop, Pongu Pongu, and dine at a new restaurant created by the Na’Vi.

Na’Vi River Journey Family Attraction Details & Concept Art

The adventure begins as guests set out in canoes and venture down a mysterious, sacred river hidden within the bioluminescent rainforest. The full beauty of Pandora reveals itself as the canoes pass by exotic glowing plants and amazing creatures. The journey culminates in an encounter with a Na’vi shaman, who has a deep connection to the life force of Pandora and sends positive energy out into the forest through her music. 



Sounds pretty out of this world – am I right???? May 27th can’t come soon enough!!!!

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