Pee & Poo – Unconventional Cuddly Toys and Clothing

Pee & Poo is grabbing the attention of the media with an incredible design concept for unconventional cuddly toys and clothing.

Classy Mommy’s favorite Pee & Poo product is the cuddly Pee & Poo Duo. The duo packages soft stuffed Pee & Poo together to be used as a cozy and wacky toy for tots or a humorous gift for adults. You can check out our video review to see little Mackenzie, age 1, checking out this interesting take on what is usually a taboo topic. Mackenzie loves these cuddly toys and carries them around the house. They definitely grab your attention and a real conversation starter when I host playgroup! Parents love Pee& Poo as a potential educational approach and introduction to potty training. Pee & Poo also sells a line of underwear, tees, key chains and temporary tattoos. Their stuff is so popular with the kids, they’ve also just released a line of adult wear clothing too!

Pee & Poo is based in Sweden and originated with a fabulous design concept by Emma Megitt. The Pee& Poo design turned out to be so popular and enticing that an entire company was founded around it – which now designs and sells Pee & Poo products throughout the world.

This week Pee& Poo is sponsoring a giveaway for all you trendy Classy Mommy readers. 10 Winners will be chosen! Contest ends 11/19/06. Grand prize is a Pee & Poo Duopack along with Pee&Poo Baby briefs and both a Pee T-shirt and Poo T-shirt. 9 additional winners will each get their choice of a Pee or Poo T-shirt. Email with your name for a chance to win!

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