Peppa Pig’s Latest Book & Toys

If you are a Peppa Pig fan, more new book and toys continue to be available for purchase. Fun! Peppa Pig’s Busy Day at School is a beautiful new book from Candlewick Press with bright colored pages that is fun for preschoolers and young elementary school aged children. My 2nd grader loves reading it to her younger brother!


This book makes school seem like lots of fun which is always great for encouraging our little ones to like their own busy days at school!


Check out these other new cute bedtime and bath toys from Peppa Pig by Fisher Price.

We love this plush Peppa Pig that sings good night songs. Adorable!


And we all know Peppa Pig loves to splash around in those Muddy Puddles so she definitely needs a good bath now and then!

Her new line of bath toys lets children actually clean up Peppa the her spots color change thanks to this special brush when it’s wet. My kids love this simple technology in their toys – and this is one bath toy that is sure to motivate even the most reluctant bather to jump into their own tub time.


Thanks to Fisher Price and Candlewick Press for sending these product samples for our review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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