Personalized Toddler Sized Apron and Potholder Set

Classy Mommy is crazy for the Personalized Aprons from the Diaper Bag Wrangler Company – a mom owned and operated indie craft biz. These adorable aprons come with a potholder and are sized just right for toddlers and kids. Reversible and machine washable too – so don’t worry about them getting down and dirty on their cooking adventures with you. Mackenzie loves wearing this apron – and the generous pockets in this one are tons of fun for her too! Kids really do enjoy a good pocket don’t they? Choose your child’s initial to complete your apron and make a totally special and unique children’s birthday gift. Your felt initial is really substantial as it is on a patch measuring around 3" square – and made of Eco-spun felt derived from recycled plastic bottles! Even more impressive is that this apron is honestly so affordable at $23! And it’s just too cute you won’t be able to resist ordering one for every child you know! Classy Mommy Approved. Price: $23

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