Phillies Fun Thanks to @Comcast #XfinityattheBallpark

This post is sponsored by Comcast.

We were thrilled to be invited by Comcast to an evening at the ballpark. Comcast hosted our family for a special evening to catch the Phillies in action and learn all about the latest Xfinity updates before the game started. We had a blast! Kenzie brought a friend and they were thrilled for a little adventure to the stadium — even better the Phillies actually WON! Woohoo! Hitting the ballpark with kids is such a fabulous family activity. I have so many memories of the few times my parents to me to Phillies games – the excitement of driving to city, exploring the stadium, buying ALL THE FOOD, and of course the music, the cheering and the ballgame! I’m so happy we had the chance to attend this special night and create more memories together.

Check out this view from our seats overlooking the stadium. We were up high behind home plate which was actually really cool as I’ve never sat up there and you get an incredible view of the beautiful city.


And of course we ate all the things! From our favorite crab fries to soft serve in Phillies helmets!


Dusk was gorgeous too!


Details on the New Features with Comcast Xfinity

We were honestly WOWED to learn all about the brand new features with Comcast’s Xfinity. Totally impressed. And my husband whose career is leading digital strategy at Vanguard was extra impressed. Some excellent usability with the apps and features – we love seeing the new technology simplify life!  Here’s a few features we absolutely LOVED — Voice controlled TV remote, Mobile Phone service via Xfinity, Xfi Sports App, and think parental controls that you can set via mobile app for the various smart phone devices in your home to limit your kiddos screen time. BRILLIANT!

My Mom and Dad just got the voice controlled remote with their new Comcast Xfinity subscription and they are thrilled with it and say it is amazing!


Xfinity xFi Wifi Experience

A few of our fave features!

 Set-up of Xfinity Internet service and home WiFi is as easy as downloading an app

 Take control of your WiFi with easy-to-use apps, the web and X1 voice remote  Easily find and modify WiFi names and passwords

 See all connected devices and give nicknames for easy reference

 Set parental controls and bedtime schedules for any family member on the home WiFi network, or instantly pause WiFi access, by device or user

 See who’s most active on your home network and when

 See and control your home WiFi network from anywhere with cloud-based technology


X1 Sports App

A few favorite features from this neat X1 Sports App

 Use the X1 voice remote to access player, team and game-related stats and graphics

Kids controlling the TV? Pull up Baseball Extras even when you’re not watching the game so you can keep up with every at-bat

Tune into any game live or watch the latest highlights and replays On Demand

 Record, Remind or Favorite your home team, like the Philadelphia Phillies, so you never miss a game


Note: Thanks to Comcast for providing us Phillies tickets and gift cards to enjoy our evening at the ballpark. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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