Photo Fun with Children’s Advil at Style School

Who knew a photo booth could be such sheer and glorious fun? Kids, Moms, Dads, Families, and Girlfriends all went nuts in this stellar photo booth that Children’s Advil brought to our Style School event in NYC.

Before the party started, Mike, the kids, and I took it for a test run. Take a peek!

We dressed up in some props, took some pics and then saw how we could share these cool photo strips on Facebook and Twitter to be sure everything was in working order for our Style School event.

What a fabulous and creative way to engage Moms & Kids while the PR team from Advil was able to provide product coupons and samples to our guests as they reminded them that Children’s Advil provides 8 hours of relief.

The Mom side of me thought it was pure fun and the business side of “ClassyMommy” was impressed and saw this neat photo booth idea as a definite marketing win for everyone involved.



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