Photos and Video of the OZ Doll Collection

We are absolutely loving the new OZ Doll collection from Tollytots. I am so excited to see this story brought to life on the big screen and now to see all the beautiful toys and dolls to go along with the story is very exciting.

Are you excited about the upcoming Disney movie, OZ: The  Great and Powerful ?

The trailers look incredible and we are planning to see it with the kids the weekend it releases on March 8th, 2013. My kids love extending their play of storybook and movie through toys and these dolls definitely bring the OZ story to life. The attention to detail on the OZ doll collection is incredible. Each doll is about 14 inches too and they seem to be high quality as far as their clothing and ability to pose and bend. Excellent!

Take a peek at our video of the dolls here and our photos below.

The Witches are gorgeous – and doesn’t this Michelle Williams doll look just like her? As does the James Franco doll for OZ. Priced at only $19.99 these are a great value and will be neat collectibles for kids. Thinking these will be ideal birthday party gifts and Easter basket surprises in the coming months!

See Glinda’s boots! Each doll comes with a unique Initial Charm as well which is cool and Kenzie thought this was extra fabulous.

The James Frano OZ doll comes with his special “carpetbag”, his top hat, and the little China Girl doll as she is his traveling companion during the movie. Cute!

James Franco OZ dolls

Available at Target, Toys R Us and other retailers. Pricing right now is about $19.99 each for any of the dolls in the collection.

Note: We received samples of the Oz Dolls to facilitate our reviews. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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