PlanWood Toys made from sawdust are genius!

From Plan Toys, the Marble Chase Standard is a must play eco-friendly toy that is a part of the newest addition to PlanToys product line — called PlanWood. PlanWood includes toys made from the rubberwood sawdust created by the manufacturing of other items by Plan Toys. These toys include everything from play food to baby toys. Genius idea right?? Love that they are recycling their already eco-friendly waste. Brilliant!

The Marble Chase comes in a 20 piece set made from wood. Colorful and simple design and non-formaldehyde in bright organic colors.  Clean simple packaging. Everything packaged within the box was organized in small brown paper bags, which was all recyclable too compared to annoying plastic or impossible to open plastic ties. The box reads for 3+, perfect for my five year old. He enjoyed following the set up on the box and also coming up with his own design.  This product definitely challenged my son in many ways, creatively and with problem solving.

Bonus:It’s a nice toy to look at so you don’t mind it being out in your family room either as it’s all made of wood with a beautiful color scheme.

Tip: Just watch that you store the clear marbles properly or you will lose them.

This is a great creative toy to give as a gift. Nothing like simplicity and a product that is environmentally conscious.


Marble Run- Standard
Reece with his Marble Run Set up


Thank you to Plan Toys for providing me a sample. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.

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