Playmobil Puppet Theater

My kids have always been obsessed with creating little set ups of imaginary scenes with their toys and figurines so the Playmobil line of toys is the perfect fit for their style of play. And this new Playmobil take along style Puppet theater does not disappoint. Once again, like all Playmobil products they end up exceeding my expectations. Tons of figurines are included along with props for the kids to put on puppet shows, the theater is a full carry along case and even has areas to store all the bits and pieces. A soundstage is included too which features 2 musical numbers and a both a laugh and clap track. A very involved and creative toy to say the least. And at a price of $50 it honestly feels like a steal for the hours of time this set occupies my kids and for all that is included with it. Take a peek at our video here for the full visual effect. Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $50

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