Playskool Kota Hatchling

After coveting the gigantic and very pricey plush robotic Kota toy for the past year, I finally discovered that Playskool now has a line of Kota & Pals Hatchlings priced under $20. I bought this cozy cuddly Triceratops for Kyle yesterday to cheer him after the trauma of a Pediatrician visit, 4 days of a high fever, and finally being diagnosed with an ear infection. I’m not sure who is more in awe of this plush critter – Kyle or Mom! Kota is adorable. He’s soft like a stuffed toy but his fur also looks scaley in spots. His eyes are sweet and little Triceratops horns are very cute. When you rub his back, Kota makes realistic little dinosaur roars and realistically turns his head, along with giving what I’d describe as satisfied purrs. Touching his tongue and mouth area also causes a little big of dino action too. This critter was well worth my $15 as Kyle carries this little 8 inch dinosaur around the house and even brings Kota little plastic animal toys to play with – cause Kota is certainly "real" to my 19 month old. Playskool also sells a Stegosauros and Pterodactyl in their Kota & Pals Hatchling line. Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $18

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