Please I Want to Floss!

Mackenzie is feeling dental inspiration after her visit to the Pediatric dentist yesterday. This morning after breakfast she was begging me to teach her how to floss. Young kids are so very impressionable. And since great dental hygiene starts when the kids are young it’s a good thing we visit the dentist – as I’ve sadly never encouraged her to floss on my own -she just seemed so little for flossing! ( The floss lesson this morning went fabulous. She could do it!) This was her 3rd visit as she started going after her 3rd birthday. She was thrilled for the dentist visit but nervous when it was time for her appointment so she had little Kyle and I go back with her. Pediatric Dentists are totally the way to go. Movies for the kids during the cleaning, a chocolate chip cookie dough flavored teeth cleaning, and a melon flavored fluoride treatment! Plus prizes when it was all over along with the coveted new toothbrush & floss.
And now for the stats to encourage you all to take the kids to the dentist so they can feel Kenzie’s “dental inspiration.” (Kyle is only 2 – the dentist recommends bringing kids at 18 months but he is so not ready. We’ll go next fall when he is turning 3.)
Did you know that tooth decay is currently the single most common chronic childhood disease—five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever…” as reported by the Surgeon General.

Do you take your kids to the pediatric dentist? Have your kids ever had any cavities?

6 thoughts on “Please I Want to Floss!”

  1. C, I blogged about our traumatic dental experience here but in short, PSA: FLOSSING MATTERS! Especially if your kid has tightly packed teeth like my daughter (her cavities were between molars).

    We hadn't been flossing before that (because seriously? flossing a 3-4 year old??) and since her traumatic drilling experiences we have flossed and used flouride every day. We were all so happy when she checked out clean at her last check up.

  2. She is just too sweet! We took both kids to the dentist a few months ago. They weren't happy with the experience but the staff was just lovely.

    I am absolutely going to show Natalie her friend all calm and collect when she gets home after school today! Perhaps it will make her change her opinion about the whole thing. 🙂

  3. My girls each have been going since they turned 4. To say they love going to the dentist is an understatement. They know that they have to go every six months. After the check up, they ask when is the next month for the check up and do you know they never forget to tell me when we get to that month. The hygienists are so sweet to the girls and let the other 'hang out' while one is getting her teeth cleaned. They answer all the girls' questions about what they are doing and why they are doing it. We go to a family practice so I make my appointments the same time as the girls.
    Sadly, my 6yo has one cavity. I blame myself for not diligently watching when she brushes.

  4. A. Your daughter is so brave and beautiful.

    B. I really need to find a good pediatric dentist. We tried taking our 3-year-old to a "regular" dentist about 6 months ago…and it wasn't a particularly friendly place. White walls. Big chairs. Sharp tools. Movies and prizes sound much better.

    C. A chocolate chip cookie dough cleaning sounds nauseating…but, then again, I'm not a preschooler. 😉

  5. yes, Logan went when he was 3 1/4, but to my dentist who services kids too. Much better than expected and saves a trip when we go together, but certainly not as enjoyable if I brought him somewhere fun like Kenzie goes. Will have to consider! Loved the recap of the FL trip…

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