Point of View Video Disney Cruise AquaDuck Water Coaster #DisneyCruise

The AquaDuck is a must do on Disney Cruise lines for the entire family. This AMAZING water coaster is so much fun. Check out our Point of View Video Disney Cruise AquaDuck Water Coaster and ride along with us on this exciting water slide that is actually a water coaster. Young kids, teens, and adults  will love it and I promise even nervous Moms will enjoy this ride as it is just the right amount of thrill to make it exciting but definitely not scary at all. I honestly rode it again and again many times in a row the day we were docked in Nassau.

Point of View Video Disney Cruise AquaDuck Water Coaster

Ride with us. Isn’t it fun?

We’ve got a view different shots from our rides here to make this video so you can see us having a grand old time on the Aqua Duck. I love this Disney Must Do!

Tips for Riding the Disney Cruise Aqua Duck to Avoid Lines

Yes, the Aqua Duck can get crowded lines in the 20-40 minute range as this is such a popular and fun highlight of any Disney Cruise. To avoid lines or minimize your time in line, I encourage you to ride RIGHT after you board your ship on embarkation day. Pack your day bag with a bathing suit and change into your suit before you even check into your cabin. We did that the first day and were able to only wait 15 minutes to ride. The other best time to ride and avoid lines are first thing  in the morning at 9 AM when the Aqua Duck opens, late at night and any time the ship is in port and docked. On the day we were in Nassau, we stayed on the ship and rode literally a dozen times in a row with ZERO line or wait time from 9:30-10:30 am.

We were able to watch the kids on deck too and see them riding it again and again while they waved to us. Cute and very fun for us to see the kids having such a thrill of a time.

Aqua Duck Disney Cruise Photos

Disney Cruise Aqua Duck Height Requirements

Basic rules as far as height requirements for the Aqua Duck are as follows:

  • AquaDuck is designed for adults and children at least 42″ or taller
  • Single riders must be at least 54″ or taller
  • Children under 7 must ride with someone 14 years of age or older, provided the child is at least 42″ tall

Note: Thanks to Disney Cruise Line for hosting my family on this sailing.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. SO fun! !It looks like they had a blast! I love following your adventures on this cruise – we haven’t been as a family and I love seeing how much the kids love it!

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