Pool of Dreams

We’ve got Olympic Fever at our house and 6 year old Kenzie, my little swimmer has caught the bug for both swimming and the Trials.   She is NON STOP swimming anytime we are near a pool. And not just talking just simply playing around in the water, she just is compelled to keep on swimming laps. For hours on end. And she never wants to take off her team swim suit either. She is just so proud to be on a swim team. It’s adorable!

Take a peek at this awesome photo we snapped of her last week when she was winning the 25 Freestyle at her summer swim team meet.

She even broke a little pool record for 6 & unders in this race-  yes they do have an age group that young!!!

She had her first real “success” at a mini swim meet  a few weeks ago to kick off her 1st season of summer swimming. The meet included “ribbons and medals” for top finishers so I think her success & the rewards for winning gave her a real taste of the competitive spirit.


It’s wonderful to see her each week this summer now in a swim meet as she continues to improve her strokes, her times, and most importantly ENJOY what she is doing. I just want her to find a healthy activity that she really loves- and it looks like so far swimming is it versus other things we’ve tried from dance to soccer to T-Ball – none of which seemed to be her thing.

I’m sure that participating in a sport will help her with a sense of self confidence – I know for me growing up with sports gave me confidence in all aspects of life and I hope it will do the same for Kenzie.

Even cuter, she enjoys watching all the Olympic trials with us for Swimming, Track & Field, and Gymnastics but obviously is SUPER serious about watching the swimming. Everyday last week, I would record the swimming trials for her at night and she literally would watch the entire 60 minutes of Swimming Trials in the morning before her own swim practice.  The little lady can even talk about Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Missy Franklin – our US Olympic hopefuls.

I love it!



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