Presto! The latest tech gear for Grandma and Grandpa

I love it. I love it. I love it. If you have grandparents frustrated at their inability to figure out email and see those fabulous baby pics, buy Presto for them. This genius product is perfect for the technology challenged. And it makes the perfect gift for your Grandparents! Send an email to Presto, and like magic, Presto converts your email and the HP Printing Mailbox will print it out for your recipient who does not use or own a computer. Photos too! I’ve set up WebTv in the past for my 90 year old Great Aunt Kay who lives in Florida and along the way we’ve had sporadic technical difficulties. Presto is a far simpler solution to fit her sole need of receiving emails and photos from her family. After buying the HP Printing machine for $150, monthly service from Presto is $9.99.

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