Preview Photos from the Disney Fantasy!

Quick update with the cell phone pictures today during my media tour on the Disney Fantasy in New York City. Tonight is the big Christening Gala event and I can’t wait to get glitzy, find out who the secret entertainer is and who will be the new Godmother of this crazy amazing cruise ship.


Walking on deck aboard the Fantasy with the skyscrapers and New York City skyline in the background was beautiful. However, I was sporting a parka as it is very chilly & wet in New York City today – not exactly Caribbean weather!

I’m dying to sail on this new ship and my kids are going to LOVE so many of the new features and enhancements. The Disney Fantasy has the same Footprint as the Disney Dream but since this boat is meant for 7 day sailings instead of only 3 or 4 day cruises, it has additional richer entertainment on board for guests – I’ll dive into all those details later but now I need to throw on my dress and try to get fancy!


We’ll be cracking open this bottle of champagne later tonight at the Christening! I love the Minnie Mouse statue in the Atrium. The decor is all very “art nouveau” and Minnie has a hat box and feathers – super cute. The entire atrium is also detailed with gold and a touch of whimsy as the characters are in the trim in a subtle classy way.


The gorgeous chandelier fixture in the atrium. The iPhone does not do all these jewels and glass justice!


On deck peeking at the AquaDuck and Mickey Pool. All these pools can get covered up when it’s time for the Sail Away party and Pirate Parties in the evening on deck.


Hanging out in my parka by Nemo’s Reef – Kenzie and Kyle adore this safe and secure splash area for kids.


I was beyond impressed with the Enchanted Art on board the ship. I didn’t think it was something I’d care about but found it super entertaining, beautiful and fascinating. When you step up to a picture or poster, they literally come to life – and in the case of these Dumbo posters the characters and train move from one Poster to the next. Magical!


The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is now on the Disney Fantasy. They also have 2 unique outfits / costumes sold JUST on the Fantasy. Daily this will operate as a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique but on the day of the Pirates Party the boutique will transform into the Pirate’s League. Another magical touch that kids will love – and a reason to visit twice too!



The Royal Court restaurant. Inspired by four princesses and all the detailing is incredibly Princess. Stunning and beautiful.

A carriage light a la Cinderella. Roses for Belle. And so much more!

Bread baskets shaped like a carriage too!


We had lunch in Animator’s Palate and previewed the Animation Magic show that is new on board the Fantasy. Awesome as our own drawings will be brought to life by Mickey on screen. We doodle during the appetizer and see our work manifest as cartoons by dessert.


Paintings and mosiacs in the Royal Court restaurant.


All the bathrooms even have “Mickey” mirrors. Tons of these “hidden mickey” ships throughout the ship – some are more subtle than others. Mickey’s on the seat fabric in the theater, on the carpets, the belt buckles on the waiters belts at Animator’s Palate and more.

Pepe the Prawn’s very own door on board the Fantasy. He has clues on his door that can be useful during the Muppet and Kid detective games. You can also even call Pepe on his cell phone via your on board ship “wave phone.” Kenzie will be gaga for this as Pepe the Prawn is ironically her fave Muppet of all time!


And here’s my Itinerary for Mike and I tonight. I can’t wait!


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