Pudding Pleasures

Nothing is more satisfying for a 2 year old than diving head first into a tasty treat.

Here he goes!

Nothing but smiles. And a big mess. Today he smelled so delicious after putting it in his hair.

4 thoughts on “Pudding Pleasures”

  1. My sons love pudding too, I try and make a healthier treat by using Soy Pudding and puree spinach mixed it. Yes, I know it sounds gross but the chocolate hides the spinach color and taste.

    Your little guy reminds me of my 2 year old…one hot mess but loving EVERY last drop! Too Cute!

  2. Larkin had picture day at school today and she had a milk-face not unlike Kyle’s above… the photographer had to whip out the wet wipes and slather her down! Cute pics of Kyle!

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