Punky Brewster & Sabrina the Teenage Witch Interview

Very excited! And I’d love help from my friends and readers. Tomorrow I’m going to interview best friends Punky Brewster and Sabrina the Teenage Witch (aka Soleil Moon Frye and Melissa Joan Hart).

As I’m prepping for the interview, I just pulled this totally adorable clip of Punky Brewster’s very first episode. It’s 8 mins. long but so worth watching. Boy did I love that show as an 8 year old. And yes, I did show up in school wearing bandannas on my legs and arms every now and then. Guess I was into celebs back then without even realizing it!
We’ll be chatting about their friendship, parenting styles, their Gain “Better Together” Event at Melissa’s candy shop, and whatever ideas you share with me to ask them. So please send me your tips for questions and let me know what you’d love to find out from Celebrity Moms Soleil and Melissa.

4 thoughts on “Punky Brewster & Sabrina the Teenage Witch Interview”

  1. I love them!! Ask them their amazing secret in staying so focused while growing up in Hollywood. We see many young stars become frazzled by the spotlight… they never did. They kept themselves out of the news and truly made such a great transition into motherhood. It's inspiring. What were their secrets?

  2. LOVE them, too! Ask them about their work/life/family balance. They're still in the spotlight and people ask a lot of them, likely because of how well they kept their heads and lives together. While Audrey wants to know their previous secrets to get where they are now, I'd like to know their tips for balance today.

    And, you know, every mom has a favorite story or two about motherhood, its what makes us real. So let's hear about their most embarrassing mom-moment. And/or their most proud mom-moment.

    And, then, ask Soliel to say "Uh oh", just for old times sake.

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