Q & A with the writers of Despicable Me 2

After hosting last week’s twitter chat for Despicable Me 2, I’m so excited to share some more in depth Q&A interview from CINCO PAUL & KEN DAURIO, the writers of Despicable Me 2, which releases in theaters everywhere tomorrow July 3rd. My kids and I can’t wait to see it this weekend! I sent a ClassyMommy writer to an advance screening with her family and they gave it a rave review as a hilarious movie the entire family will enjoy. Minion fever is running HIGH in our house right now!

The Twitter party moved so quickly last week that we weren’t able to touch on everything live last week.Luckily,  the hilarious and kind writers were so impressed with everyone’s fantastic questions, they wanted to be sure to share their answers so they sent me all their answers so I could share them with everyone. Fun!

Q: How long after the first script was the sequel written?

A: When we saw the audience response to the first film we knew this was something special, so we started working on the script right away.  KD


Q: Who are the purple minions? Are they the new evil guys? Are they Gru’s new partners?

A: We don’t want to give too much away, but they are related to the yellow minions!   CP

(Photo: From L to R – CINCO PAUL & KEN DAURIO)

Q: What inspired you guys to write such an adorable movie(s)?

A:  We were sitting in a park one day and saw a bunch of baby bunnies and duckies and the cutest little puppy in the world.  We looked at each other and said…”Let’s write an adorable movie!”  Truthfully, our experiences as dads inspired us.  KD


Q: How did you come up with the Minion language

A:  Originally we wrote the Minion dialogue in English.  It was the directors who came up with the idea of them speaking their own language.  Bee do.  CP


Q: If Gru could be best friends with another animated character, who would it be and why?

A:  I think Gru would appreciate the visionary genius and unparalleled commitment of Wile E. Coyote.  KD


Q: How did you come up with the look of the minions?

A:  Again, the credit goes to the directors.  We weren’t specific in our early drafts of the script.  Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin came up with the look.  They both happen to be yellow and smooth.  CP


Q: How many Minions are there really? 

A:  We tried counting them once, but they wouldn’t stay in line.  CP

Kristen Wiig Despicable Me 2

Q: Who was the funniest actor/actress to work with? Who brought the most laughs?

A:  That’s an impossible question to answer.  Steve Carell is a genius.  Kristen Wiig is a genius.  Russell Brand is a genius…are you seeing the pattern?  Steve had the most lines and was in both movies, so I’d say he technically brought the  most laughs.  KD


Q: Who was your favorite character to create?

A:  We both identify with Gru.  We each have 3 kids and know the frustrations and challenges that come with being a dad.  Deep inside, we wish we could do some of the things Gru gets away with.  Okay, maybe not so deep inside.  CP  


Q: Are the minions going to be in their own movie? If yes, will it be about what?

A:  Yes!  The minions are getting their own movie!  While we were finishing up DM2, they were hard at work on the Minion Movie, so we don’t really know that much.  We are looking forward to seeing it!  KD

Q: Do the minions just love to sing about food? Banana and Potato!

A:  Yes.  The minions are a simple bunch and easily distracted by food.   Look for another food-inspired song in DM2!  CP


Q: Do you already have characters in mind that you’d like to introduce in the next sequel?

A:  Once we began working on DM2 we came up with LOTS of fun characters who didn’t make it in to the movie.  Yes, we’ve got a few fun ones standing by.  KD

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  1. I teach art and recently watched Destino a short film collaboration between Dali and Disney begun in 1946 and finished in 2003. The creatures are green, but look like minions. Any connection?

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