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I’m obsessed with Virtual Reality now! Check out my Ralph Breaks VR Experience and Review! Ever wondered what it would be like to step inside a film or the world of your favorite digital characters? Curious about Virtual Reality experiences? If so, you will absolutely LOVE the Ralph Breaks VR immersive virtual reality experience. You’ll step into a digital world with Ralph and Vanellope and be your very own character participating in an adventure with them. It’s AMAZING!

Last week I was one of a handful of media in LA to preview Ralph Breaks VR and step into this virtual world of Ralph Breaks the Internet myself before it launches to the public on November 21st. WOW. WOW. WOW. I was floored by how amazing and real the entire adventure felt!

Ralph Breaks VR is available at The Void locations across the USA which include spots at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney! This is an original hyper-reality experience from ILMxLab, The Void, and Walt Disney Animation Studios launching on November 21st.

Pre-sale tickets are now available online at www.TheVOID.com.

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Chatting with others who experienced Ralph Breaks VR, we think that Virtual Reality will grow in popularity very soon – just like how there were only limited Escape Room experiences a few years ago and now they Escape rooms are literally EVERYWHERE, we think that VR experiences will quickly become VERY popular and there will be more and more locations for people to participate.

Tips for Your Virtual Reality Experience

I’ve never done virtual reality before so was a bit nervous about 2 things… Would I find it scary or would I get dizzy? And What would we wear for the experience ? Where does the VR take place?

Will you get Dizzy or Feel Afraid of Heights? 

Good news, I wasn’t scared at all once I actually became immersed in the world and started the VR experience! I loved every second of it and was absolutely FLOORED by the total fabulousness of the entire experience. Even with a slight fear of heights, I somehow felt grounded and never dizzy with vertigo despite feeling like I was standing on the edge of a skyscraper at times over and over again! Even though your mind might be telling you that you are on the edge of a precipice, physically, my body was grounded in the real world so I suffered no symptoms of fear of heights or anything. BRILLIANT!

Where does VR take place?

So you may just feel like you are in a warehouse, but once you step inside & get suited up for your journey, you are truly transported in the world of VR. So you’ll basically be walking in a flat area that probably looks like a maze – but you’ll see none of that as you will be transported thanks to your helmet and vest into the Ralph & Vanellope’s DIGITAL world for a multi-sensory experience.

What do you wear? 

As for what you wear in VR, check me out styling in my helmet and vest! The vest does feel heavy, it’s apparently 10 pounds but I have a small frame so it somehow felt heavier to me. However, once you enter the VR, you don’t notice it as you are too distracted by everything else. The helmet is also heavy and has goggles or a shield that come down over your eyes.  I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but that heavy vest will also engage with you at times during the VR too. So cool!


Tips to Enhance Your VR experience

Tighten your helmet! The tighter the helmet the better your VR experience will be. An assistant gave me this tip while we were securing my helmet and I’m so glad she did. Once I entered the VR, I tightened my helmet again as I could tell this made an instant difference.

Also, adjust your eye shield as need to increase your clarity. You want your vision to be fully immersed in the VR. I adjusted my eye shield several times throughout to increase my clarity and vision. 

Ralph Breaks VR Trailer

More Official Details about Ralph Breaks VR

Pre-sale tickets are now available online at www.TheVOID.com.

In teams of 4, guests will break into the internet with Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz disguised as characters from the film called “Netizens” to play the newest, coolest video game ever. Ralph Breaks VR introduces two brand new locations, Dunderdome and Pancake Milkshake Diner, and a new antagonist, B.E.V. voiced by writer Pamela Ribon, which stands for “Built to Eradicate Viruses.”

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Pricing for Ralph Breaks VR experience

When I chatted with staff at The Void to inquire on scoop for the pricing of this awesome virtual reality experience, I was told it would be approximately $29.99 per person. This sounds pretty easy on the wallet, and next time we hit Disney Springs and go to Florida I will absolutely plan to take my kids to experience Ralph Breaks VR at the Void.


Prepare for an Epic Food Fight in Ralph Breaks VR

I don’t want to spoil this multi-sensory experience that is Ralph Breaks VR, but this one little tidbit will get you excited. Beyond just exploring that “Internet” World that Ralph lives in with Vanellope, you will have a sweet food fight. We had a fun photo opp at the Pancake Milkshake Bakery after our Ralph Breaks VR fun. They set up this cute scene at The Void, since during Ralph Breaks VR there will be an epic food fight and all kinds of fun with Pancake Bunny and Milkshake Kitty. This food fight was my favorite part of the VR adventure! And isn’t this scene so cute ?

Seriously these 2 new characters are the cutest!


Let’s Get Social with Ralph Breaks the Internet

RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET hits theaters everywhere on November 21st!



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