Reflecting on 2014 and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Happy 2015 friends!!!  Wishing everyone a fabulous year full of adventure and good health! Heading into a new year, we always reflect on the past year together when we go out to dinner with the kids on New Year’s Eve.  2014 was a fabulous year for the 4 of us with all kinds of excitement and travels. Like any family, we have our ups and downs although I mostly just share the “ups” and positivity online. But we’ll reflect with the kids month by month all that happened – so we’ll remember the tough times which makes the happy memories even more spectacular! Like the week we lost power during the ice storm for 6 days in the winter when it was 20 degrees outside. Yuck! The kids seem to get more than their fair share of sickness -between the 2 of them after we took count we realized in the past year they had pneumonia, ear infections, multiple cases of bronchitis,  3 cases of strep throat, a severe skin infection, a Tooth abscess, and then they both also got Type A flu. CRAZY! Somehow they balanced all that out with their happy spirits as I feel like somehow all this never really made them break their stride! 

Classy Mommy was full of traveling adventures for the whole family – visiting Disney, the Caribbean, taking a Disney Cruise and visiting Universal Orlando and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and one exciting TV spot on the Today Show with Johnson & Johnson.

The kids had a lot of cool milestones too. Kyle graduated Kindergarten and swam on the swim team for the very 1st time and made it to championships which was a super accomplishment for him, while Kenzie started her blog, broke a handful of swim team records, and visited Diagon Alley to be on a segment of the Steve Harvey show.

I miss the “baby” days, but I profess now that the kids are older – this past year with a 6 and 8 year old — everything is simply SO FUN! Here’s our photo collage recapping many of the year’s highlights – from the everyday moments to visiting neat locations traveling to cover events for Classy Mommy.

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