Remembering Solon & Liam Bailey

A few days ago I received the news about the beyond tragic deaths of my friend Chris Bailey’s two sons, Solon (12) and Liam (10) who were both killed during a tragic Christmas Day fire while at their grandparents home in Kentucky.

There are no words for a loss this unimaginable.
Chris, one of the most adventurous and socially conscious people I’ve ever met, was my classmate and constant teammate in business school from 2001-2003. My heart breaks for Chris and his wife, Deanna. I remember babysitting these adorable boys during business school when Solon and Liam were about the age my Kyle and Mackenzie are today.
At the time, I was in my mid twenties, engaged to be married, and parenting was a few years away. Growing up around only girls, I remember chatting with Deanna about what it was like to be a Mother surrounded by boys and that I was surprised at how lovable, affectionate, and cuddly I found her little boys Solon and Liam to be. Somehow I only imagined the wild side of boys until meeting her sons.
I still recall her advice that if someday I found myself with a baby boy I’d be surprised at just how wonderful and affectionate I would be able to make my son. When I found out what was to me the “shocking” news I was pregnant with a boy (Kyle) – I thought of Deanna and how hopefully my adventure as a “Boy Mom” would be full of not only a wild boy but a super affectionate sensitive son. She was right, as I’ve found Kyle to need to cuddle me far more than his sister ever did.
This wonderful family is in my constant thoughts. If you have an extra prayer, please send it to Chris and Deanna during this horrible time.
For my friends who know Chris or would like to do something the Bailey family asks that in lieu of flowers, contributions be made in honor of Solon and Liam to:

The Beauregard Foundation:
Solon and Liam Fund,
c/o Chrysalis Ventures
101 S. 5th St., Suite 1650
Louisville, KY 40202
The contributions will be used to support children’s education programs around central Vermont.

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