Remington Ultimate Stylist Teardrop Wand

We had the chance to review the Remington Ultimate Stylist Teardrop Wand this past week. The Remington Ultimate Stylist Teardrop Wand is new to Walmart and priced at $24.97. It’s heat setting is for 10° salon high heat to insure your waves will last. The other really cool feature is that the barrel is removable so you can swap your attachments to either a conical wand or long barrel curling iron style attachment.

Remington Ultimate Stylist Collection

I love the look of beachy waves curly hairstyle and whenever I have a big event or an extra 5-7 minutes, I’ll curl my hair at home with a high heat curling iron. I can’t do it as good as my hairdresser, but I’ve gotten better at it over the years and feel more confident in my results.

I was excited to try out the wand style Remington tool. The big challenge for me was that this Remington system is a WAND and not a traditional barrel curling iron, thus it requires a glove so you can wrap your own hair around the wand.

Remington Ultimate Stylist

The heat was excellent and the limited results I did showed gorgeous WAVES and CURLS that lasted all day.

However, I profess I had a difficult time adjusting to using a new tool to style my hair. I’m right handed and I’m used to doing all my styling maneuvers with my right hand. My best results were when I used the long barrel attachment as this piece also had about a 1 inch clip on it so I could do it with just my right hand  holding the wand to twist and wrap my hair and not use a glove at all.

Using the Remington Wand truly required me to use both hands – a hand to hold the wand and a gloved hand to wrap the hair around the wand. I had difficulty no matter how I did it as my left hand is good at nothing compared to my trusty system of using a curling iron with my right hand.

With more practice, I’m sure I could master this and I think my results would be FAR SUPERIOR to the waves and curls I get with my traditional curling iron.

I think if your ambi dexterous or don’t have years of curling with an iron under your belt like me –  you’ll love the results of Remington’s Ultimate stylist Wands. The attachments are SO easy to take in and out to get just the WAVE or CURL you desire.

I also think if I had tips from a stylist or watched someone curl my hair with the wand, I’d pick up a few great tricks. That’s how I learned to curl my hair – with the help of professionals styling me for events or at the hair salon.

Expert tips, tricks, and advice is the key to success when it comes to styling hair.

The Remington Ultimate Stylist Teardrop Wand is new to Walmart  and priced at $24.97.

Note: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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