Rock Climbing for Preschoolers!

Who knew rock climbing for kids would be so fun? Today, Kyle went to a Rock Climbing party to celebrate his friend Elsa’s 5th Birthday. I admit I was skeptical of the concept but it was crazy awesome and so much fun!


The kids adored it – they are natural monkeys after all so this was just taking the love of exploring and climbing to a new level. Everyone was strapped into harnesses and away the kids climbed. Our party was at the Rock Wall in Oaks, PA at the Philadelphia Rock Gym. The kids all had a total blast at the party and I highly recommend this unique idea if you are looking for a special entertainment/activity “venue” for your child’s birthday bash.

Tons of families were enjoying this wall and it looks like a great activity for a family.


Here’s a video f Kyle on one of his little rock climbing adventures – and yes he is totally harnessed in safely. He is only 4 years old after all!

Now we’re planning to go back again with Elsa’s family someday so we can all try it out – Kenzie and her Dad are dying to try but I profess I’m a little nervous. I might just stick with being the family photographer!


Yeah, I made him pose and smile while he was climbing high!


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