Royal Wedding Fever

Photos galore! The dress, the church, the carriage.

Oh my. It’s breathtaking isn’t it?


I’m watching it with my 5 year old daughter and can remember watching Princess Di get married with my Mom when I was a little girl. We’re impressed and now Kenzie wants to know how she can find a real Prince to marry so she can be real Princess.

It’s a treat as we’re eating breakfast in the family room to watch the Royal Wedding. Kenzie enamored and Kyle could careless.


What are your favorite elements? Here’s what we loved this morning!

Kate’s Dress by Sarah Burton of the Alexander McQueen Fashion House. Elegant and regal yet totally simplistic. It was perfectly Kate in my opinion.  I couldn’t have love it more.


Westminster Abbey. Need I say more? The trees were stunning and gave the church the feel of the country wedding I’m sure Kate Middleton always dreamed of before falling in love with the royal Prince William. And the history of Westminster just makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time. Founded in 960, it’s been the site of coronation ceremonies since 1066. Wow!




WWe loved the elegant yet simple train and the carriage was quite the hit for my 5 year old as it gave the entire ceremony that fairy tale feel.

And the flower girls were just too darling! Loved watching Pippa and Prince Harry hang with the little ones. Too cute.





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